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With it's playful design the Wings coat is perfect for autumn, winter or early spring. It's winged sleeve design is not only fun - but also lets the air inside, preventing too much heat to build up. We recommend you to wear it with at least one layer of close fitted sweater underneath on sunny days, and at least two layers on windy or cold days. 

The Wings coat also comes with huge pockets which you can fill up to your hearts desire.


The Wings coat fits and looks great on people of several sizes, ranged between EU 34-60. Although be aware that the Wings coat might take on a different expression on a different size than shown on picture. Pictures with the Wings coat showcased on bigger sizes will be added shortly.


Female model is of a EU womens size 38.

Male model is of a EU mens size 48.


Please feel free to message if you have any questions about sizing.

Coat 'Wings' Pink

5 500,00 krPrice
Color: Pink