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Founded in 2021, JORDESTAN was created around the idea of a fashion brand with locally manufactured clothing. Residing in the outskirts of the small Swedish town of Perstorp, JORDESTAN aims to do things differently by rejecting mass production. JORDESTAN embraces the unique and aims to, through thoughtful design, bring something extra to every piece.

The word JORDESTAN is comprised of two Swedish words: jord and stan, which translates to earth and town. JORDESTAN is where the opposites meet.

In JORDESTAN we recognize that everyone is our neighbor no matter

how far apart we might seem to be - figuratively or literally.

With that said we hope our garments inspire you to be your own, to believe in yourself and in others as well as to dream of a better future.


Felicia Bexell, fashion designer.

I use "we" on this site, but as of now the brand actually only consists of me, Felicia. Hi. 

In 2019 I graduated with a bachelors degree of Fine Arts in fashion design at

The Swedish school of Textiles in Borås.

Early on I knew I wanted to do my own thing, so here I am, doing my own thing.


What interests me about fashion is that it is that it is a aesthetic statement that

every single person makes almost every single day, and that it is something that we all participate in whether we like it or not. Above all it also a tool that can we use to either separate ourselves from others, or to connect with them.

My interests also include petting other peoples cats, drinking tea,

buying lamps and making lists.

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